I was in my teens in the late 80’s and 90’s and loved all the movies where the main character had a huge loft.   My dream was to own my own huge loft/warehouse one day.

I was working at Smashbox Studios in Culver City.   I began photo assisting, which in turn, sent me to all these amazing locations all over California. Every Beach House, Hollywood Hills Mansion, Downtown Loft, etc but I never saw a loft that was just crazy like in the movies. Just regular lofts with brick walls and a few windows.

So through photo assisting I began searching for my own warehouse. I looked for 2 years for a location and out of no where I found this amazing building just south of downtown.

I met the owner of the building, Joseph, and he was just the funniest and nicest guy. The rest of the building was a Rug and Tile store. 50,000 square ft of rugs!!!! Just craziness.  The architecture of the building was just amazing. He was renting the top floor of the building and it was quite the run down location when I first saw and every photographer told me now to get it, but something inside me told me there was potential.

The top floor was 5,000 square ft and it used to be offices but eventually they just used it as overflow storage for the rugs in the main building so there was nothing but a desk, a toilet, a broken table, and a toaster.

But the thing that was amazing was the 20ft ceilings and the  4 massive arching windows built into the brick walls and all the windows faced west which was a key factor.   I sat here and watched the sunset one night.  Despite the condition I knew there was something special here and knew I could turn this place into something that didn’t exist in this city.  A super loft.

I explained to Joseph I wanted to turn the top floor into a film and photo location. He laughed. Told me he had never heard of this business before but gave me the keys anyway. I fabricated my income with fake invoices and handed him all my savings for the deposit which was 5,500 dollars, and signed the lease.

I booked my first job the third week I was here and from then on things got crazy.

Established in the summer of 2009, H.Q.Avalon Studios is a creative loft/warehouse designed with the intention of creating a unique shooting space for Photographers and Filmmakers. With its New York style brick and windows there is no location like this in the city. Located on the top floor of what was previously a 50,000 square Ft. airplane manufacturing building the studio highlights are 4 massive 12ft arching windows that all face west, A window cyc wall, 20ft ceilings, and over 5,000 square Ft of shooting space including 3 rooftops spanning an additional 7,000 square Ft. We also have a 1/4 mile long private alley with a 60 x 200 ft backlot.