I was in my teens in the late 80’s and 90’s and loved movies like Quicksilver where Kevin Bacon would ride his messenger bike around in his huge loft, and the place Tom Hanks lives in the movie BIG. But the best was Ethan Hawke’s New York Loft in Great Expectations. Living in my tiny one bedroom in Hollywood I decided after a miserably uninspired 10 years I really needed one of those placed to live.

I was working at Smashbox Studios in Culver City. Basically getting paid to work at the coolest job ever, learn photography from pro’s for free, (may I remind you we’re getting paid) and eventually start assisting some of the most famous photographers in the world. So I began photo assisting, which in turn, sent me to all these amazing locations all over California. Every Beach House, Hollywood Hills Mansion, Downtown Loft, Famous Landmarks like the Star Trek Rock (Vasquez Rocks). But I never saw a loft that was just crazy like in the movies.

So through photo assisting I began searching for my own loft. I found this location on Craigslist after looking all over LA for almost 2 years. I met the owner of the building, Joseph, and he was just the funniest and nicest guy. The rest of the building was a Rug and Tile store. 50,000 square ft of rugs!!!! Just craziness. Ask to see the rows of rugs if you ever visit. The architecture of the building was just amazing, I couldn’t believe how much space this property had. It almost looked fake, like an art department came in and made it film gritty.

The top floor was 5,000 square ft and it used to be offices but eventually they just used it as overflow storage for the rugs so there were about 300 rugs in there all over the place. There was a desk. A toilet. A broken table, and a toaster. The 4 awesome windows had chicken wire on them. But they faced west. The sunsets here are pretty epic.

I explained to Joseph I wanted to turn the top floor into a film and photo location. He laughed. Told me he had never heard of this but gave me the keys anyway. I fabricated my income with fake photography invoices for jobs with titles like “Silver Lake Living Weekly” and “Rock and Rolla Magazine”, which convinced him I was a high roller. I handed him my life savings 5,500 dollars, and signed the lease. If you happen to meet Joseph while you’re here, please don’t tell him I lied. And ask him for the high roller discount on the rugs.

I booked my first job renting my place out as an abandoned warehouse (because that’s what it was then) exactly 21 days later. We Agreed on 500 bucks for 2 days. They shot for 19 hours each day. The next morning I revised my location agreement and added “overtime.”
Thanks Ryan Moran.

Established in the summer of 2009, H.Q.Avalon Studios is a creative loft/warehouse designed with the intention of creating a unique shooting space for Photographers and Filmmakers. With its New York style brick and windows there is no location like this in the city. Located on the top floor of what was previously a 50,000 square Ft. airplane manufacturing building the studio highlights are 4 massive 12ft arching windows that all face west, A window cyc wall, 20ft ceilings, and over 5,000 square Ft of shooting space including 3 rooftops spanning an additional 7,000 square Ft. We also have a 1/4 mile long private alley with a 60 x 200 ft backlot.

Partnered with Studios60 on the same property we also have a 2700 square ft CYC stage, A 3,000 square ft 1st floor Daylight Stage, and a 6000 square ft Raw Stage with a drive up ramp, Pipe Grid throughout, and Rain Machine capable.