Booking Info/Specs

Daylight Studio


200 per hour with a 2 hour minimum.

2. (DAILY)
1500 for a 10 hour day. All In.

Overtime. 300 per hour

Please make sure to contact FILMLA to inquire about necessary permit your production may require. Commercial Film or Photo Shoots require a permit. Non commercial personal shoots, classes, script readings, or workshops do not require a permit but you must inform FILMLA you will be at the property that day.

Current Covid and City Regulations.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       We are in the process of becoming a certified studio in Los Angeles.  So starting  Jan. 1st 2021 our building must have a FILMLA fire safety officer on site for any and all commercial print or film productions including music videos.  Length of time your production will need the officer on site will depend on the extent of the project and hours shooting.  Once we have passed the certification this will no longer be necessary but until then we apologize for the inconvenience and are more than happy to help your production with this additional cost with either a discount or extra time for your booking.  

Since we have multiple stages please make sure that if you are rolling sound to book at least a week ahead of time to make sure we can coordinate with with any music videos that may be also trying to book on the same day inside the building. We always want to make sure you have no interruptions or sound issues when booking here.

We have two entrances, both require on flight of steps. PLEASE inform all your crew about this on your call sheet. We hate explaining we have no elevator to productions when they arrive. It is your responsibility to let everyone in the production know this as it is a very important piece of information that everyone should be aware of especially if you have large art department or grip that needs to load in.

Please make sure to have any and all necessary insurance for you production. Insurance Cert will be made out to H.Q. Avalon Studios. We must receive certificate before your production begins.

Our regular hours are 6am to Midnight. Any production that exceeds 12AM will bump up to 300 an hour per hour after midnight.

6 cars inside the lot.  Ample free street parking surrounding the building.
There is big parking lot available for daily rental right next to our studio for large production.   If you are a large production please ask us for this companies info and you can rent the lot as your basecamp

Main studio totals 3300 square ft.   1000 square ft separated Hallway and Basecamp production area.   500 square ft greenroom for additional cost.
Studio Length is 75 ft
Studio Width is 50 ft.
Ceiling is 19ft high.
Windows are 12 ft high by 16ft wide windows that face west.
Full Kitchen. (stove is prop stove only)  2 bathrooms. Make-up Hair Station.
Two entrances both require one small flight of stairs.

The windows all face west. The sun hits the windows at NOON and sets directly in front of the windows until 5pm sunset. If you want the cool glowing effect with the shadows on the floor these are the main times you want to shoot. If you do not want to fight the sun light then 6am to Noon are the times you want to shoot.

We are next to Huntington Park 10 miles east of LAX and 5 Miles south of downtown. 3 miles south of USC.  8 miles from central Hollywood.

POWER: 110 amp x 6 circuits with about 12 x 20amp household plugs.

We have a prop house on site with basically everything you need. Set Walls, Furniture, Wood etc.
Please inquire for details

We have an in house branding agency for any production needs or extra crew if you need.
Usually need a week in advance if you need to outsource any of our internal crew.
Art Department/Hair/Make-up/Wardrobe/DP’s/Camera Operators/P.A.’s

Since we are on the 2nd floor we provide 20x sandbags and a few grip items are included with your rental and are already on site.

We have an exclusive deal with Castex Rentals in Hollywood.
Evan is your contact there. Please let him know Chad from Avalon Studios referred you
and they will be able to apply a small discount for any lighting/grip/production needs. 323 462 1468

We are partners with Studios60 which has 5 stages on the ground floor below us.
We can combo stages with them if needed including providing a larger basecamp for bigger crews. Please inquire for details.