Rachael Yamagata / Let Me Be Your Girl
Emilynn Rose / X Yori Collection
Brazil-Lionheart / Dirty Dancing Promo
Bea Miller
John Lindahl / All Day
Behind the Scenes Chloe Moretz Flaunt Magazine shoot
Vice News / HBO / Consent
Billie Raffoul / Driver
Ashley Tisdale / Love Me and Let Me Go
Justin Biebe r / Studios60 / Bkstg
Gigi Hadid / Studios60 / Missoni
Behind the Scenes Boston Common Magazine Shoot w/Matt LeBlanc Photographer Rainer Hosch
Emily Ratajkowski / GlamourUK
I Might Be Chad / Top 3 Hammock Tents Review
Hokuto Konishi / Down
Jeremy Crooks One Shot Music Video Coffee in the Morning Miguel Featuring Sheela Awe Directed by Chad Schollmeyer
Josh Kelley / It’s your move / Director Katherine Heigl
Derek Hough / Ashes of Eden
Heffron Drive / Art of Moving
Sza / Julia / TopDawg Entertainment
Sebastian Stan / Augustman Malayasia
Evelina Young / Director Adam Young
Wiz Khalifa / Pull Up / Feat Lil Uzi Vert
CRSB / Vibrations
BTS Foreigner / Bill Bernstein
Madilyn Bailey / Tetris
American Idol season 14 premiere
I Might Be Chad / She Wanted a Pinata
Rascal Randi / B-girl Promo
Anthony Hamilton Official Music Video/Amen
Kendall Jenner for Pennshoppe / Studios60
Leilani Wolfgramm / Lightning Acoustic / Director: Chad Schollmeyer
Billie Lourde / Bello Magazine
Under Armour “Clarity” Spec Shoot. Directed by Chad Schollmeyer / High Fidelity Pictures
I Might Be Chad / How I shot my first Dance Video
Promo Video Taeyang “Rise” Teaser Spot / Uprise Creative
Jeremy Crooks Official Music Video Foxtrot / Director Chad Schollmeyer / High Fidelity Pictures
Coke Zero Ad Campaign / Toe Tappy / Yu Tsai
Paula Abdul / Runway Cover Shoot / Runway TV
Kerry Washington / Ebony Magazine / Sheryl Nields
Jayson Wright / Love Never Felt So Good
Mike Bauer / New Home Team
Sam Tsui / Shadow Offical Music Video / Kurt Schneider
Lulu / Natural
Pedram Couture / Gretchen Rossi / Asifa Mirza / Pedram Pasha Taheri / Director Chad Schollmeyer
Hew Short Film / Director Laurie Tsou
Pedram Couture / Teaser / Gretchen Rossi / Asifa Mirza / Sepideh / Director Chad Schollmeyer
Prism DJS Promo Film / DJ Tessa / Director Chad Schollmeyer
Hardy Girls – Brand Re-Launch (Global) from weareanyone
“J’attends” | Short Film from Stewart Maclennan
HEW | Sample Clip from Maximilian Schmige
Megafon | Music from Danil Krivoruchko
Under Armour Fitness Reel from Sara Choi
FREODOM from Marita Gomsrud
The Fortune Theory Trailer from Aldo Filiberto